The scattering of cremation ashes, as a form of funeral service, has been possible in our cemeteries for more than two decades. A so-called scattering plot has been created for this purpose in the Óbuda Cemetery on the Buda side, and in the New Public Cemetery and the Csömör Graveyard on the Pest side. This form of funeral service takes place in an open-air, aesthetically designed and landscaped environment in all three cemeteries, but due to its outdoor nature, it is weather-dependent in the Óbuda Cemetery and the Csömör Graveyard and is not available between November 19 and 15 March.

In the New Public Cemetery, remains can be scattered even in wintertime.

Regardless of this pause, the service can be ordered any time. Please inquire at our Funeral Arrangements Offices.

The date on which the service is paused may vary depending on the weather conditions.

Special funeral service means – besides taking home the remains – individual funeral requests (e.g. visitation outside the cemetery, placing the remains into River Danube in a special biodegradable urn, scattering the remains from an airplane, customs clearance of remains, etc.).