By “urn placement after cremation” we mean the burial of the cremation remains of the deceased. Following cremation, urns may be placed/buried in all our cemeteries. The available funeral supplies can be purchased in our showroom or from our catalogue.

 Available placements

  • single urn niche
  • double urn niche
  • urn grave
  • urn vault
  • in an existing traditional grave
  • New Public Cemetery – Urn Pantheon

 Available services

  • complete funeral administration (registration of the death)
  • deceased transportation – locally and inside the cemetery
  • providing a Mercedes hearse
  • sales of funeral supplies (urns, urn graves, urn shrouds etc.) in the showroom or based on photos
  • organising a viewing
  • providing a viewing room
  • organising a viewing outside the cemetery
  • funeral music for the ceremony
  • classic orchestra
  • graveside service for civil ceremonies
  • solo singer and choir – for both religious and civil ceremonies
  • embalming
  • providing a single refrigeration unit
  • in the event of stacked burials, removal, storage and restoration of headstones,
  • preparing and delivering wreaths and floristry products
  • headstone preparation
  • Scattering of remains into River Danube from a ship
  • Scattering of remains from an airplane

 Special individual requests

In addition to the services listed here, we are happy to help you with any special requests based on an individual price calculation.