Which cemeteries allow entry by car?

Vehicular entry is available at the New Public Cemetery, Farkasrét Cemetery, Óbuda Cemetery, Erzsébet Cemetery, Megyer Cemetery and Rákospalota Cemetery subject to a fee.

Other cemeteries of BTI Zrt. either allow restricted vehicular entry, or do not allow vehicular entry due to local conditions.

Which cemeteries charge a fee for vehicular entry and how much?

The New Public Cemetery, Farkasrét Cemetery, Óbuda Cemetery, Erzsébet Cemetery, and from 1 January 2016 onwards, Megyer Cemetery and Rákospalota Cemetery charge a fee of HUF 280 for vehicular entry.

Is it possible for persons with reduced mobility to enter all cemeteries by car? Do they have to pay a fee?

Persons with certificates of reduced mobility (and drivers of vehicles transporting the aforementioned persons) may enter all cemeteries free of charge doing opening hours, with the exception of Angeli Road Cemetery and Tamás Street Cemetery.

After how much time must the rights of urn burial and rent of the urn niche be renewed?

The minimal duration of burial rights pertaining to urn niches and urn graves (duration of usage rights) is 10 years according to the Act on Cemeteries and Burials. After the expiry of the term of usage, the burial rights may be renewed.

How many urns may be placed in one urn grave?

A maximum of 4 urns may be placed in one urn grave.

How many urns may be placed in one urn vault?

A maximum of 4 urns may be placed in one urn vault.

After how much time must the burial rights for a traditional casket/coffin burial grave be renewed?

The duration of burial rights pertaining to the traditional casket/coffin burial graves (duration of usage rights) is 25 years, from the date of the last casket burial or the renewal of rights. In the case of stacked burial, the duration of burial rights pertaining to the grave is 25 years from the date of the stacked burial (subject to a surcharge). The duration of usage rights is not extended by a stacked burial of an urn or exhumed remains. After the expiry of the term of usage, the burial rights may be renewed, with the exception of the right to closure of a plot provided for by the Act on Cemeteries and Burials. The minimal duration of extension is 10 years.

After how much time must the rights of burial for a burial vault be renewed?

The duration of burial rights pertaining to burial vaults (duration of usage rights) is 60 years. However, we also have burial vaults with usage rights durations of 50, 80 and 100 years in our cemeteries. BTI Zrt. grants the relevant permission based on a static expert opinion. The minimum duration of renewal is 30 years.

Is it possible to place an urn in a casket/coffin burial grave?
How many urns may be placed in a casket/coffin burial grave?

A maximum of 4 urns may be placed in a casket/coffin burial grave. Urn burials do not extend the expiry of the burial rights.

How many caskets/coffins may be placed in a grave?

A maximum of two deceased persons may be buried in a burial plot. The capacity of a companion plot is twice that of a regular grave.

How much does the renewal of burial rights cost for individual burial sites?

Renewal fees can be found in online legal archives; in accordance with Decree No. 15/2016 (V.11.) Főv. Kgy. of the Municipal Assembly of Budapest, it equals 90% of the fees determined by the Decree + VAT. Burial rights may be renewed in instalments as well. In this case, a one-time administration fee of HUF 3,119 is payable.

At which cemeteries is it possible to arrange a funeral?

Funerals may be arranged at all cemeteries (a total of 14) owned or managed by Budapesti Temetkezési Intézet Zrt.

Arranging the funeral at the office of the cemetery where the funeral is set to take place is advisable, though funerals may be arranged at the Central Customer Service Office or any cemetery, regardless of the location of the funeral.

Does Budapesti Temetkezési Intézet have a Central Customer Service Office?

Yes, it does. The address of our organisation’s new Central Customer Service Office: HU-1055 Budapest, Szalay utca 3. Opening hours are identical to the opening hours of the other Funeral Arrangements Offices. All types of funerary administration and professional information is available to relatives at the new central office.

What documents are required for the arrangement of a funeral?

Post-mortem examination certificate issued by a physician, identity card and address card of the deceased person, certificate of marital status (if married: certificate of marriage, if widowed: certificate of death of the spouse), as well as, if available, birth certificate, valid passport or driver’s license (issued after 2001) of the deceased person. If any of these is not available, our Customer Service staff will be happy to help you during working hours (toll-free number: 06-80-200-611).

Where can I obtain a Death Certificate?

Death Certificates are issued by the registrar’s office of the municipality competent according to the place of death. The employees of Budapesti Temetkezési Intézet, if ordered, manage the procurement of the Death Certificate both in Budapest and in rural areas.

Is it possible to use a debit/credit card for payment for the funeral service?

Debit/credit card payment is available in all Funeral Arrangements Offices.

What are the cash desks’ opening hours?

Our cash desks are open 8.00–16.00 Mondays and 8.00–15.00 from Tuesday to Friday.

When and where must funerals be paid for?

Charges for funeral services must be paid at the arrangements office at the time of ordering the funeral, using cash or a debit/credit card. Alternatively, payment via bank transfer is available within three days.

In which cemeteries is the scattering of remains available?

Scattering plots are currently available in three cemeteries: New Public Cemetery, Óbuda Cemetery, Csömör Graveyard. Although Fiumei Road Graveyard is now under the trusteeship of Nemzeti Örökség Intézete (Institute of National Heritage), scattering funerals remain available there. If you wish to make arrangements in this regard, please contact the Central Funeral Arrangements Office.

Is it possible to arrange the scattering of remains during the winter?

The scattering of remains is available during the winter above temperatures of -20°C, in the New Public Cemetery as well as in Fiumei Road Graveyard, which is operated by Nemzeti Örökség Intézete.

If the client would like to arrange for the scattering of remains in a different cemetery, cremation will take place, and Budapesti Temetkezési Intézet Zrt. will retain the remains in a respectful manner until the time of the funeral service. The (springtime) funeral service date is set during the arrangement of the funeral.

Is there an opportunity to erect a unique memorial for the deceased in the cemetery following a scattering funeral?

The opportunity to have the name, date of birth and date of death of the deceased engraved on a stone memorial in the scattering plot is now available in other locations in addition to the New Public Cemetery. Our Institute has erected granite memorial plaques in Óbuda Cemetery and wooden memorial columns in Csömör Graveyard that relatives can have the names of their deceased family members engraved on.

We would like to inform those interested of the opportunity to arrange for the placement of a memorial bell, engraved with the name of the deceased person, in the exclusive memorial pavilion at the New Public Cemetery’s main entrance, at the time of the arrangement of scattering funerals. The bell may serve as a nice way to honour the memory of deceased persons interred via scattering. It is also possible to place memorial flowers and light candles here.

Is it possible to take the urn home following cremation?

Yes, the urn containing the remains may be received by the client at a cemetery of their own choosing at a set time, or at the office of the Csömör Crematorium.

What kind of flowers, bouquets or wreaths can/should I bring to a scattering funeral?

There are receptacles for flowers in the scattering plots, but placing wreaths here is not advised. We recommend bringing bouquets or cut flowers.

Is the removal of the wreaths from the freshly interred grave the responsibility of the family of the deceased or the cemetery?

The removal of the wreaths from the grave following the funeral is the responsibility of the family.

It is possible, however, to arrange for the removal of wreaths as a service, during the arrangement of the funeral. In such a case, the time of removal and whether the family would like to keep the wreath ribbons must be agreed upon with the funeral director. Our organisation also performs the tending of burial mounds on request.

Is there an opportunity to view the deceased before cremation in the Crematorium?

Relatives may have an opportunity to say their farewells before cremation of the deceased person, in case this service has been arranged for. It is possible for relatives to say farewell to the deceased in person, in an appropriate, respectful environment, at the Csömör Graveyard and Crematorium. The time must be set during the arrangement of the funeral.

Is the correct person, and only the correct person being cremated?
Do the remains in the urn belong to the correct person?

To ensure identification, deceased persons being prepared for cremation receive a “cremation number” as part of the crematorium administration process. This number is put into the furnace on an “identification metal slab” along with the deceased person, and is also put in the urn afterwards along with the remains. The number is also engraved on the urn insert containing the remains, along with the name of the deceased and the date of cremation. Only one deceased person is cremated in a furnace at a time.

I would like to have a casket exhumed, then have the remains cremated, and have the remains interred in an urn in a different burial plot. Whom should I turn to?

The exhumation or exhumation and cremation of previously interred or cremated remains, or remains interred in different burial plots, or the transfer of urns may be arranged for at the cemetery offices as well as at the Central Customer Service Office (HU-1055 Budapest, Szalay utca 3).

Where can I find information on charges applicable at Fiumei Road Graveyard?

At the office of Nemzeti Örökség Intézet Zrt. (HU-1086 Budapest, Fiumei út 16), on their website (, as well as via the phone number +36-70/400-8632.

What are the opening hours of your cemeteries?

Our cemeteries have uniform opening hours, which may be viewed under the Opening hours menu item.

All Saints’ Day opening hours are regulated separately and published in a timely manner on cemetery notice boards, in the press and on the internet.

What are the phone numbers of the cemeteries?

Contact information for our cemeteries can be found under the Our cemeteries item in the menu, on the map, by clicking on individual cemeteries.