Prepaid funeral plans

Budapesti Temetkezési Intézet Zrt. offers people the opportunity to make pre-arrangements for their own funeral or that of their relatives in their lives, regardless of age and health condition.

At the time of signing the prepaid funeral plan contract, based on our currently valid prices, we calculate the fee of the required service, which then may be paid in a lump sum or in instalments.

Gross advance payment amount (including VAT) (valid as of 3 September 2018):

Traditional casket/coffin burial: HUF 190,000 plus HUF 19,760 administration fee

Cremation funeral: HUF 100,000 plus HUF 10,400 administration fee

Cremation funeral with scattering of the ashes: HUF 80,000 plus HUF 8,320 administration fee

The administration fee will not be added to the service fee!

The difference between the service fee determined in the contract and the advance payment may be paid in instalments, as requested by the contracting party depending on their financial situation, but repayment instalments may not be less than HUF 5,000. In the case of instalment payment, the difference must be paid in maximum 18 months.
The amount paid will be deposited to an interest-bearing bank account. The full amount, including interest, will be used for the funeral of the contracting party.

For further information on pre-arrangements, please refer to our information brochure entitled “INFORMATION ON PREPAID FUNERAL PLANS”, which is available in our Cemetery Offices.

Should you have any further questions, please contact our Prepaid Funeral Plans Office (Kegyeleti Előtakarékossági Iroda). If you wish to sign a contract or inquire personally, please always schedule an appointment in advance by telephone to avoid having to queue and to ensure smooth administration.


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