Encountering impermanence is the most sorrowful event of our lives. Losing a loved one is painful. We often have no strength left after the service to organise moments of intimate community, where family and friends may reminisce over a discreetly laid table.

Our Institute intends to help you with this. Taking over the burden of organisation, we provide an opportunity for remembrance directly after the service, where all guests may stay together, and remember the deceased in an intimate atmosphere, on the premises of the cemetery.


  • Fast and simple administration on site, at the Funeral Arrangements Office
  • Viewing chamber with an intimate atmosphere on the cemetery premises
  • Tables decorated according to client specification
  • Skilled serving staff
  • Specialty cold and hot dishes, a wide selection of sandwiches
  • Selection of beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Event organisation at home (delivery)


Further information

Farkasrét Cemetery

László Somogyi

+36 20 971 4737

New Public Cemetery

László Bencz

+36 20 971 465

Web: www.halottitor.hu