Renewal of rights of burial

In the cemeteries owned or managed by Budapesti Temetkezési Intézet Zrt., it is possible to renew the burial rights for burial plots expiring in 2018/2019, including traditional graves and burial vaults (which were typically interred or renewed in 1993/1994) as well as urn niches, urn graves and urn vaults (where urns were typically placed or which were typically renewed in 2008/2009).

Given that the burial rights for the plots indicated in the title of the notice have expired, in accordance with the applicable statutory regulations, registered owners will be given the option to renew the lease.

We ask our Clients who wish to renew the burial rights of any of the above plots to kindly visit the office of the relevant cemetery by the last day of the period of validity.

Important information!

Unless otherwise agreed, the expiry date of casket/coffin burial graves is 25 years from the last in-ground burial, or the date indicated on the renewal invoice. If an urn or exhumed remains are placed into a grave, this will not prolong the expiry date!

Unless otherwise agreed, for urn niches, urn graves and urn vaults, the 10-year lease period is calculated from the placement of the first urn. Subject to a surcharge, the 10-year lease period will be calculated from the placement of the last urn.

We ask surviving family members to kindly try and visit our offices within the indicated time limit, because after the expiry date, in accordance with the legal regulations in force, we are allowed to empty and sell non-renewed burial plots.

The cemetery owner may refuse to renew burial rights if it furnishes proof that the area is being converted or will be used for other purposes, or if the burial plot or grave marker is not compliant with the legal regulations.

In the year of the expiry of the burial rights, the registered owner of the burial plot will be notified by post and the funeral monuments concerned will be marked with a warning sign from the autumn.


For more information, please contact one of our Cemetery Offices,
or call us at +36 80 200 611.


Regarding the renewal of burial rights, please contact the competent Cemetery Office.

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