Comprehensive funeral services can be ordered in the Funeral Arrangements Office of any of our cemeteries in Budapest. Our staff will provide you with accurate and comprehensive information funerals. Funeral accessories can be viewed in our showrooms. In possession of the required documents, you can order the local transportation or repatriation of the deceased. As regards the method and place of the funeral, it shall be governed by the will of the deceased expressed while they were still alive. In the absence of such provisions, the method and place of the funeral will be determined by the person who makes arrangements for the funeral or is obliged to do so in theory.

 The following people are required to arrange and pay for the funeral in the below order:

  • a person who has undertaken to arrange and pay for the funeral in a contract
  • a person obliged to do so under the last will and testament of the deceased
  • in the absence of a disposition of property upon death, the spouse that was living in a common household with the deceased before their death
  • any other close relative of the deceased (pursuant to Section 685(b) of the Civil Code of Hungary) in the statutory order of inheritance

If the person obliged to make arrangements for the funeral cannot be found, has an unknown location, or fails to fulfil their obligation, the competent local municipality (or, in Budapest, the competent district municipality) based on the place of death shall make arrangements and pay for the funeral.

Important! The person who purchased or renewed the relevant burial rights shall be entitled to dispose over a specific burial plot. Additional bodies may be buried in an existing plot only with the written consent of the owner, which must be signed by two witnesses.