All of our cemeteries have a viewing room that is equipped with everything that may be needed for a funeral ceremony, including religious funerals. The number and size of viewing rooms vary depending on the size of the cemetery.

 Basic equipment and services provided in viewing rooms

  • staff dressed in uniforms
  • waiting and accompanying music
  • green plant decoration (palms, thujas, other evergreens)
  • fresh flower stand decoration (with seasonal cut flowers)
  • electric sacrificial flame (the number of light sources depends on the room size)
  • seating (chairs and benches in a style and design matching the room)
  • lighting and sound system services

 Additionally, you can order the following services:

  • fresh flower decoration
  • sound system services outside the viewing room and/or at the grave
  • musical accompaniment
  • outdoor viewing where there is a large number of mourners
  • viewing outside the cemetery (public agencies, organisations, state-run institutions, theatres, etc.). The fees of these services are established based on individual price calculations.

Under Decree No. 15/2016 (V.11.) Főv. Kgy. of the Municipal Assembly of Budapest, the use of viewing rooms is considered to be a “Funerary Public Service”. Under the said Decree, any fees associated with funerary public services are payable when a funeral is ordered. The fees of funerary public services, such as the fee of viewing rooms, are determined by the Municipal Assembly and amended once a year (as of 1 January every year). The relevant price list is posted at the offices where the services can be ordered.

 If you have any specific question, please contact the staff members of our Funeral Arrangements Offices,
or contact our Customer Service during working hours by dialling our toll-free number: +36 80 200 611.